4 steps to becoming a sperm donor

We are looking for healthy young men between the ages of 20 and 38 years who are prepared to give regular sperm donations in order to help future parents conceive. Now that the new Sperm Donors Register Law (Samenspenderregistergesetz or SaRegG) is in force, this is now possible without risk regarding custody, maintenance or inheritance claims.

1. Call up and arrange an appointment

First, you will be given an appointment to come in and donate sperm. Based on this, we will judge your fundamental suitability as a sperm donor. In this process, very high benchmarks for quality are applied.

Please note

You must not have ejaculated in the past 3-5 days

3. Undergo health testing

If the test donation is suitable, blood and urine will be taken to make sure no infections can be transmitted. If these are also in order, a contract can be signed.


8% of applicants are suitable

4. Sign the contract

The sperm donor’s contract explains the legal position and sets out regulations for sperm donation, health checks and compensation. After a contract has been successfully concluded, sperm donation can begin on a regular basis.

Activity as a donor

Production of sperm samples for 1–2 years,
1–2 times a week

Any other questions?

Here you can find the answers:

Become a sperm donor now:

Just ring up and arrange an appointment

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